Plenty of Information on Humanely Removing Wildlife from Property

My Personal Wildlife Removal Story

Our property is quite large so it is sometimes hard to monitor and survey each structure and building on our land. However, at least once a month I make sure to inspect everything. Well, last month I got quite a surprise when I looked in an old barn that we still have standing on the south side of our thirty acres. I opened the doors, which were locked with a chain, and discovered that a raccoon has made refuge inside with four small babies.

raccoon-524bdfd7d434ba93Immediately, I discovered we had an issue that needed to be handled. However, I did not want to hurt the cute creatures either. And since we specialize in raising farm animals, my husband and I figured that we could probably handle the safe removal of these critters from our barn with the help of some animal removal tools to help us. But where could we find these special animal removal tools? Firstly, we did some online research and got a lot of details regarding humane animal removal when we visited

My husband and I quickly decided to utilize the internet as our resource to start researching the various animal removal tools that professionals use, searching for Raccoon Removal Denver. The best part that we discovered is that we were able to actually rent the tools that we would need, which basically just included a basic and humane animal trap to properly and safely remove the mom raccoon and babies out of our barn and back to their own home. We were able to rent what we needed in a matter of minutes online and reserve to pick up the product in a near by home store.

We brought the product home, set it up, and put some food in the trap in hopes to lure the mother and her babies all in one shot. We got lucky, and the following morning they were all inside safe and sound. They also did not appear to be distressed at all because they were all together inside. My husband simply picked up the cage and moved them further into our property, undid the latch, and close up of a raccoonthey all ran outside and back to their home.

All in all, we were very happy with the whole experience and how everything turned out. We believe that it is not hard to safely remove wildlife from a property as long as you research the proper tools to get the job done. If you have a wildlife situation, start going online and researching your options.